2016 Mini Cooper Reviews and Road Test

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2016 Mini Cooper is reviewed by KBB and expressed that when mini cooper return to America in 2002 it brought driving excitement and British term to our shores along with some rough edges and reliability issues now in its third generation mini cooper has matured raising the question can you refine a mini without endangering it’s quirky charm and that’s all is going to be discussed with all of the features in it.

As all we know that the main Key to the mini coopers appeal is its small size, the latest iteration still sports a tool box design, contrasting roof and big round headlights. By many standards this thing’s big measuring about four and a half inches longer than the previous model it’s also taller wider and about 60 to 90 pounds heavier depending on the trim and other features that you want to load if you customize it when you buy. By all the means a bigger MINI might seem sacrilegious, that all the way true, but size has its benefits. The latest 8.7 cubic foot trunk is nearly fifty percent larger than the trunk in the 2nd generation of mini cooper cars to allow better space and match the customer requirement to travel long way with more stuff in trunk.

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In the latest model of mini cooper 2016, there is also room for a hidden storage look beneath the cargo floor supplementing this, not-so-secret but so called secret compartment and door pockets that are quite large enough to accommodate surplus beverages for on the go party .. LOL … Another awesome thing is as compared to the generation prior,  total leg room has increased by two and a half inches aided by deep cut outs on the front seat backs, …hmmm.. and rear shoulder space is expanded by three inches and front seat head room has improved as well the rear seat head room is actually a little bit tighter. If you think it wisely, even with the extra inches here and there the mini cooper remains a 2+2 kind of car, but as many owners will happily point out if the need arrives you can create an amazing amount of stuff inside to make sure the mini lovers wont be disappointed.

After that this guy explores the Interior and the influence of corporate and many more things. Have a look on the video below and see what exactly you want is actually coming in mini cooper car or not.